Can we take a moment to talk about Eli’s face in this scene?

Whether you love or hate Eli as a person and as a father, we can all admit that he’s done some pretty dickish things in the past. I truly believe however, that he didn’t want to lose the love and admiration of his only remaining child. No matter his ulterior motives, I do believe that earning Ziva’s respect back and redeeming himself for his actions in the past was something Eli planned to try and do on this trip to DC. It was evident in the coffee shop scene. He was trying to be a normal parent for Ziva - to listen to her talk about her friends, her work, her future, the grandchildren she might one day bring into the world - and I think he was doing quite a good job.

But the ground work he had lay down in these short interactions with his daughter came completely undone when she realised he had killed someone and covered it up, yet again. He had committed a crime, committed a sin, yet again. I don’t believe for a minute Eli came to DC with the intention of killing someone, but it happened and I think his natural instinct in the face of that was to cover it up, pretend it never happened and to ensure it didn’t interfere with his personal and political plans.

Ziva however, couldn’t see it that way because of her father’s past transgressions. She summed up her feelings towards him in that one line - “your sins are too great”.

Too great. Past the point of the redemption Eli was trying to achieve.

And you can see from his reaction that he is completely and utterly shattered by the news that no matter how hard he tries, no matter what good he does, Ziva will never be able to look past his former actions and the wrong he had done by her. Can anyone really imagine what it would be like for your only child, your only family really, to tell you that they can never respect you again or forgive you at all? It’s the face of true heartbreak. You can also see however, that he has accepted in some way that this is how Ziva feels. While he is still so saddened about the thought of her losing that respect and ability to forgive, he also realises that this is his fault and there is nothing that he can do about it. You can’t change the past and no matter how much Eli may have wanted to erase certain events or gain his daughter’s forgiveness, it was impossible and in this moment you can truly see how much he cares for his daughter. Despite the fact that he often didn’t show it, Eli did love Ziva and did want her to admire him the way she used to when she was younger.

The saddest part for me is that Eli David died knowing that his daughter could never forgive him for a past that he couldn’t change and now that he’s gone, Ziva can never assure him that no matter what he had done, he was still her Abba and she still did love him.

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